Form arising from function. Subtly contemplative. Harmonious and interactive.
These qualities define the unusual character of Tan Tik Lam Architect (TTLA) creations,
a small boutique practice that specializes in producing intimate, human-scale architecture
in Indonesia as well as regionally.

Headquartered in Bandung, West Java, Indonesia, TTLA’s rigorously functional approach
seeks to design spaces that will interact with and support the needs of its owners,
eschewing non-functional ornamentation. The result is a profoundly simple elegance that
has won numerous awards both domestically and internationally since the studio was
founded in 1999.

All projects are custom-designed according to the needs and specifications of the client,
in a collaborative manner with the TTLA team including Tan Tik Lam, as Principal
Architect; thus no TTLA creations are the same.


China Best Design Hotel AWARD 2009, Best Vacation Hotel category,
Kayumanis Nanjing, China

IAI AWARD 2009, Parikesit Compound, Salatiga, West Java

Aga Khan AWARD 2007, nominee

Best Architect under 40, 2006, by TEMPO Magazine

Best House 2006, by SKALA + Magazines, Budiasih House

Aga Khan AWARD 2004, as nominator

IAI AWARD 2002 for residence building, Wiryawan house

Aga Khan AWARD 2000, nominee, Menara Gamentama, Bandung